Training International

Hello fellow readers!

Since the almost almighty Google Translate and other software made for translating our Finnish to another language has failed to do properly what their designed for, some of our followers haven't understood even the first half of our blogtexts. I'm not saying we are going to talk clearly now, no, but using lingua franca is a friendly gesture towards our readers across the globe.It is a pleasure for us to tell, this time in English, about previous week of intense training with the national teams of France and Poland! ;)

From left: Jarmo Pyyhtiä, Eric Schuler, Lili Malcoiffe, Jani Suoranta, Tomi-Pekka Heikkilä, Florence Louis, Antti Vuorinen, Quentin Schiltz, Sami Heikkilä, Ville Häyrinen, Germain Benoit, Krister Holmberg, Heikki Lähdekorpi, Lukasz Czapla, Mika Kinisjärvi, Maxime Coursimault

Someone back in the days had an idea to have a training camp together in France or Finland. The French were here also in 2012 in the winter when we were a week at Vierumäki training 10 meters rt together.  Maybe they liked it because again the French, reinforced with a Pole, ended up coming to the North for a week. We had thought about going to France for some time, but it seems like we will do that later, maybe next season. ;)

Relax, your a range officer :) Mika Kinisjärvi shooting

The box of power at hands

Lukasz Czapla from Poland - a many time World Champ

Lassi Palo - the media mogul of Finnish Shooting Sport Federation - discussing w/ Maxime about hot topics

A Frenchman's 3D shooting jacket by German Mouche. Quite stiff, it stands alone!

Benoit and Eric ready and steady for the bore

Sometimes you don't need the timer when training together :)

Florence & Lili taking a break

3 running target Megalinks at the 10 meter hall worked well for the whole camp

Flo in flow

Step aside... motherfucker j/k j/k ;) Maxime gets never serious
Different from usual we had Jarmo Pyyhtiä coaching Finnish team for the first five days before Ville Häyrinen joined our training camp on Friday. Jarmo is a veteran-aged shooter who has been on the top of Finnish rt during the 90's and he's got some new aspects and ideas of his own for our training which he shares openly. Five days felt useful since many discussions about shooting were talked through with him.

Antti Vuorinen and Jarmo Pyyhtiä also tried their skills on 10 meters. Jarmo liked the new Walther LG400 (Jani's loved one in the pic)

Good time sailing in the archipelago of Inkoo

"The houses and boats you see at the left are also mine." Says the Sultan of Bärösund

Been swimming ;)

During the week we kept training as planned in a week schedule. We did some sports in the afternoon and went to sauna in the evening to recover from the load of the exercises and shooting training. Since the sea was close, also swimming was a part of going to sauna. The sea wasn't famous among the French and mostly we Finns went swimming :-D

Leg was hurt on Thursday so that standing wasn't an option so I shooted static target. It felt quite good but Haoran is still ahead some points... x)
Most of the people start working at 8 AM, just like we do.

Beastmode goes on when he arrives at the range

A man like a statue

Tomi says that no problems at the moment :)

"It doesn't go smooth yet, but no matter, I came here for training."

The wonder of biomechanics - a fusion of a man, wood and metal

Sami relaxed after a massage by our Team's physiotherapist Antti Vuorinen

Zürich ECH "damn dummies just running a circle there q:-D"

Social media goes antisocial at the moment. An ordinary phenomena today :)

That was a fun week with friends that you often don't say more than hello and bye when you see them in a competition abroad, mostly because it's so much easier to hangout with the people of your own nationality and same language. It is refreshing to have some other friends around you when training a long week with the same group that you go around the globe for most of the competitions in Finland and Europe.

See you all next time in terms of World Championships 2014!!!

J & S & T